Ukrainian Socialist Solidarity seeks to organise solidarity and provide information in support of Ukrainian socialists and trade unionists, campaigning for working class, and democratic rights, against imperialist intervention and national chauvinism. It seeks to co-ordinate socialist and labour movement organisations who agree on this task, regardless of differences and opinions on other questions. 

Basic aims are:

  • To support and build direct links with the independent socialists and the labour movement in Ukraine.

  •  To support the right of the Ukrainian people to determine their own future free from external intervention from Russian or the Western imperialism

Solidarity Campaign steps up for the Kryviy Rih Miners

John McDonnell MP handed over the Kryviy Rih miners’ notice of dispute addressed to EVRAZ CEO Aleksandr Frolov

Supporters for miners in the Ukrainian city of Kryviy Rih who are demanding a rise to compensate for a cut in real wages by 50%, protested outside Chelsea FC in London on 12th June, where the mining corporatio EVRAZ was holding its AGM. Whilst at the company offices in Kryviy Rih miners protested as part of the esecelating campaign.